• "He is a Sonmer."
  • "They are the Sonmeri."
  • "He is speaking Sonmerian."
( This was made by a Sonmer (noun) / This is the [item] of the Sonmeri p. noun ) / This is Sonmerian (adj.) [item being described] )

In basic language, the Sonmeri are called Sun Elves. They hail from a secluded cluster of islands that were once part of the human home continent. When the higher beings created the Merethi (elf-kind), their land was cut off from the rest of the world in an ill-fated effort to preserve them, protect them, and keep their bloodlines pure. Due to their isolation, the only conflict the Sonmeri have ever had to brave were those that arose from within their midst. At least, until the humans adapted steam power from the dwarves. The humans brought trade, commerce, and culture, but they also brought Nerevalian war. 


The Sonmeri, like most Elves, are a tall and proud people. Typically, their most common traits are their golden-tan skin and their pale hair. While they don't appear to be physically strong due to their lithe build, their physical ability is on-par with that of humans. 

Abilities and Notable Features

Sun Elves draw their life force, inspiration, and energy from the sun's rays. Their abilities and vigor are enhanced while they are in the presence of the the sun's warmth. If they go too long without light, their strength fades and their morality begins to warp. Over long periods of time, this process can turn them into something else entirely. They have an extensive grasp of light magic, and have sired many holy warriors in their time. They masterfully integrate magic and science to create wonders of architecture and technology that some would say rivals that of the Ancient Dwarves. They harvest a rare mineral unique to their homeland to create extremely lightweight yet sturdy weaponry, which gives them a decisive edge in combat.