The Modern Dwarves are a far cry from their mysterious ancestors. Their culture, language, and accomplishments were all lost during the Nerevale Crisis. In modern times, they are a race entirely different, relying heavily on science and technology to secure their position amongst the great powers of the world, though magic is not at all beyond their grasp. The Dwarves are responsible for the discovery and implementation of steam power, and have made many astonishing leaps in innovation since. 


Despite initial assumptions, Dwarves are not necessarily shorter than their genetic cousins, the humans. They are, however, a sight more stocky and hardy. The main distinguishing feature between the two is that Dwarves have angular ears, while humans do not. In some instances, Dwarves also have a sixth toe. 

Abilities and Notable Features

Dwarves are just as capable on the battlefield as they are in an environment such as a laboratory, or a smithy. They are a diverse people of many distinguished talents. The Dwarves and Orichai have long competed for blacksmith supremacy, neither proving to be a decisive victor. Ironically, both are outshined by Sonmeri smithing.