The Kyne are an offshoot Elven race that dwell in the massive, overgrown forest of Mirrenwood. Despite initial assumptions, they are not direct relatives of their lookalikes, the Sonmer. They were brought forth by a different deity entirely, and crafted with very different attributes, though they are still counted amongst the Merethi and share the same essence at their core. They harbor an innate distrust for anyone that is not a Mereth, as was instilled in them by Taurien upon their creation. This was to preserve their way of life, as well as keep their bloodlines pure. They are a proud people, and are very quick to cast judgement on those that they deem lesser. However, once their trust is earned, it is earned for life. The Kyne have proven their fierce loyalty to their allies countless times over. The only thing that they will not involve themselves in is war, save for when it comes knocking on their door. 


Anatomically, the Kyne are highly similar to the Sonmer, with a few distinctive differences. The Kyne are more human-like in terms of build and facial structure, while the Sonmer have more angular faces and slanted, almond-shaped eyes. As for coloration, the Kyne generally have pale skin and equally pale eye colors. They have anything from black to platinum blonde hair, and in very rare cases, some Kyne have hair that is a deep olive green. They are, on average, the same height as humans.

Abilities and Notable Features

Kyne-folk are most notorious for their exceptional bowmanship and hunting prowess. They are agile, stealthy, and in the right circumstances, very deadly. They make use of potions and poisons to augment their combat capabilities, which in turn offer a decisive edge. One could make but a small incision on his adversary, and allow his concoction to do the rest. What they lack in brute strength, they make up for with sheer skill.