Humanity was an ancient race even before the dawn of the First Era. Human civilization has been destroyed and rebuilt so many times, their original culture and heritage is all but lost, preserved only in myth. The human race is, interestingly, not the most numerous of all the inhabitants of Taurth, despite being the first to be sculpted by the Ancestors. They are, however, decisively the most influential and powerful. Their numbers make up several individual nations, and the Capital City of Westerwynne, the current seat of power in Taurth, is populated most densely by mankind. They are resourceful and hardy, and have proven their mettle time and time again against seemingly insurmountable odds. Even in defeat, mankind has always endured.  


While humans vary greatly in their earthen skin tones, shape and size, they do share a good majority of similar characteristics with each other. Each individual human nation's inhabitants tend to more closely resemble one another as opposed to a similarity as a whole. The humans of Westerwynne are characteristically olive-toned or tan, and are noticeably shorter and leaner than the humans of Norhammer, who are much more intimidating in stature and paler in skin tone. They are of average height in comparison to the other races of Taurth, and their musculature and physique vary uniquely to the individual. A defining characteristic of humans that no other races possess is their rounded ears.  

Abilities and Notable Features

Humans have at least a rudimentary grasp on all manner of abilities. Many are accomplished artisans, while others are feared warriors, while others still are powerful magicians and sages. Their strongest attribute would be diplomacy, as has been proven throughout the ages. Humans do, however, have a fatal flaw–true to their nature, they are doomed to repeat an endless cycle of innovation, prosperity, war, decimation, and rebirth. Legend holds that this is Zhalgo's final curse upon humanity before his defeat.